Award Winning Photography

2017 People's Choice Award

"What does Conservation mean to me?"

The pond at Fenwick Mines Recreation Area in Craig County

provides a secluded spot for folks to fish and to view birds and wildlife.

This is my entry in the 2016 Virginia Farm Bureau Photo Contest

in the 19 & over age group, "Family Farming" category.


The photo is titled "Dad, I Can Do It".

Zack was using the measuring wheel to determine the length of a new fence. 

His 15-month-old son Glendall was watching him & toddled across the field to him. 

He grabbed hold of the wheel & helped to roll it back to the starting point. 

Glendall not only loves his Daddy, he loves being out on the farm!


Ann G. Harrell

Ann's work...just hangin' 'round

My friend, Pat, bought these 4 pictures over a period of a couple years & had to wait even longer

until she had help hanging them.  She's very proud of them & sent me these photos to show me

she finally had them on her walls.


Ann G. Harrell